Student Assistance Counselor

Copeland Student Assistance Counseling Program is a process where students meet with a professional counselor to discuss any problem they may be experiencing, such as:

  • Family problems 

  • School problems 

  • Drugs/alcohol 

  • Depression and other emotional problems 

  • Relationship issues 

  • Stress or anxiety 

  • Bullying 

  • Eating disorders 

  • ANY other issues

Services available to students include, but are not limited to, individual and group counseling.  Administrators, school counselors, teachers, staff, peers, and parents can make referrals to the SAC, and students may refer themselves.  The only mandatory referrals are made when a student violates the Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco policy or the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying policy. Parents with questions are encouraged to contact the SAC, Sasha Hicks, at (973)-627-2465 x6149.

Individual Counseling

Using a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) approach (a short-term problem-focused psychosocial intervention), this SAC serves as a Facilitator of a process that begins with a biopsychosocial assessment to determine: risk factors and level of risk; life skills deficiencies and life crisis' or event; and, individual needs. Motivational Interviewing, a specific CBT technique, is used to elicit student awareness of the problem and readiness to acknowledge that change is necessary. A primary goal of this approach is to elicit from each student self-motivating statements to use to reinforce movement toward taking personal action toward becoming solution-focused; which may or may not include referral for other services.

See below for how to access Student Assistance Counseling Services! 

Call: (973)-627-2465 x6149



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